About me

I come from a family of consummate do-it-yourselfers: be it cooking, preserving the garden harvest, sewing clothes for the family, knitting, embroidering, woodworking, and so on. We did everything ourselves, staying however within our comfort zones. Creativity was not important.


After finishing school I explored Europe spending a year in Great Britain, a year in France followed by many short stays in Italy.


After completing university graduating as an interpreter and working for short spells with two companies, one of which was a company organizing trade fairs, I got an opportunity to work for a company that conceptualized and manufactured trade fair booths: This was perfect for me because now I could develop my innovative, creative ideas by combining planning and craftsmanship leading to tangible results. Wonderful! For me this was and still remains the ideal work process. For over 20 years I enthusiastically created trade fair booths throughout Europe for a diverse international clientele.


Then in 2000 I encountered felt for the first time and it was love at first sight. It is principally easy to produce and has many applications in day-to-day life. The creative possibilities are thus endless. Also of importance, felt is a sustainable product. And I simply love the softness, the pliability and the resilience of wool. All these are very positive aspects of my work and I create felt products for a wide range of uses - a never ending story even more so when new experiences from countries afar as well as newly learned skills such as calligraphy or tailoring are merging with the skills I already have.



Exhibitions and projects




2010 - 2012

2010, 2013, 2016, 2019

2011, 2014, 2017







since 2018

participation at the hat competition during the "Estivales du chapeau", Caussade/Septfonds (F), price of the jury

participation at the 4. International Contest Women Hat 2007 in Alessandria (I) price for originality

participation at felt art exhibition of the Filz-Netzwerk e.V. in Forchheim (D)

juried participation at the international felt art exhibition "The Climate is changing"

juried participation at the Rhineland-Palatinate State award for crafts (D)

juried participation at the Palatinate award for crafts (D)

participation at South Korean forum/exhibition "Pojagi & Beyond" in Seoul as invited felt artist

participation at French competition "100 g - un poids, une unité, une mesure" in Felletin (F) und Amelia (I)

participation at "Licht.Gestalten 2013" for "Herzenssache für Kinder" promoted by the radio station SWR

participation at the exhibition "Das zweite und dritte Leben der Dinge"  (The Second and Third Life of Things) organized by the Chamber of Craft, Mainz (D)

participation at the exhibition "Das letzte Gefäß – handwerklich

two Seminars in Kirgistan for GIZ (German society for international cooperation) about the implementation of the newly established apprenticeship "Textile Designer, Section felt making" into running feltT making businesses

Three tutorials (about felt making) in Tsetserleg (Mongolia) for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development within their project "ProValue" (a project intended to promote a value chain for the fiber and wool/fibre production within Mongolia up to its finished products)

FELT making - my passion

Once I had mastered the art of felt making I began to move beyond the limitations of wool and fibres, combining felt with unusual materials, treating the wool in unexpected ways. I started to combine felt making with other techniques, transferring and transforming patterns from nature, art and daily life. I find this CROSS-OVER fascinating; I just let myself be guided by the wool and go where it takes me.

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